About Us

MyBlinds from Hunter Douglas

Unique, dynamic, personal – your style is yours alone. It may change from room to room – a woodsy den in taupe just a few paces from an oceanic bedroom submerged in blues and greens. Or it can stretch across the house, pulling everything together into a unified look that is uniquely yours.

Enter MyBlinds™: smart, simple and stylish window coverings that have your tastes covered. With so many products, styles, colors, and options, MyBlinds makes it easy for you to create a truly homey, comfy, undeniably you environment.

At MyBlinds, we're here to help you find a solution to your every need. Whether you're looking for light control (how much, or how little, light comes into your home); privacy and security; energy efficiency (better for the planet, and your energy bill); or UV protection, we've got just the right window covering for you.

So, where to start? It depends where you are in the process of treating your home to window treatments. For ideas and inspiration, check out Inspire Me. To understand what this window business is all about, stop by Teach Me. And if you're ready to see all we have to offer, then Show Me is the section for you.

Welcome to MyBlindsNow.com, we're glad you stopped by!